Tuesday 6 December 2011

Win a Signed Copy of Hidden over on Jera's Jamboree

** This Contest is now Closed**

Check out my Giveaway over on Jera's Jamboree this week.
You could win a lovely shiny newly signed copy of HIDDEN or a fab ebook.

Jera's Jamboree: Book giveaway with author Shalini Boland: Today Jera's Jamboree would like to introduce to you ...

Saturday 3 December 2011

Drumroll Please

Contest Winner Announcement!

I didn't know how I was going to decide who would win the opportunity
to star in my upcoming novel, Thicker than Blood, so I roped in a little help.
I asked my sons (aged 8 and 4) to draw the name out of a hat (a cowboy one!).

Of course, they argued about who was going to actually draw the name,
so I said they could draw a name each. So-o-o that means two names,
which means two winners!!!

The winners are:

Sergell Elioreg
Zoe Marshall

Congratulations to you both!
Can you message me using the 'contact me' page?

Thanks so much to everyone else for entering.
As it was so popular, I may do this again in the future...

Thursday 1 December 2011

Be a Vampire in my Latest Novel

Winner to be announced Saturday December 3rd!

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Only One Week Left To Be My Vampire

Last month I asked if anyone would like to be a character in Thicker than Blood my upcoming sequel to Hidden. So far, nearly 70 of you have entered. I've no idea how I'm going to choose, but I'd better get thinking because there's only one week left until I have to make the decision.

Part of the novel will be set in 6th century Byzantium and here's a taster of where my lucky vampire might live - Cappadocia in winter...

Of course, as a vampire you'll never get to experience it in daylight. Your view will be something like this...

So if you haven't entered yet, click here to see what it's all about.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

OUT NOW! Fairy Thief by Johanna Frappier

So, you all probably know that Fairy Circle is one of my favourite books and so I'm thrilled and delighted that author friend, Johanna Frappier, has agreed to tell us a little about the recently released sequel, Fairy Thief.

Hi Shalini! Thank you so much for letting me stop by. I wanted everyone to know that the next installment in The Fairy Circle Series, FAIRY THIEF, is now available as an eBook on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and all the other lovely E retailers. The paperback is available on Amazon.

Here's what FAIRY THIEF is about:
It has been a year since Saffron Keller traveled to the Fairyrealm. She had no intention of ever mixing with fairy-kind again. When the fairy, Ny, steals the soul of her human love, Markis, she finds herself entangled once more in all that is beautiful and magical and torturous. To find Markis, she must travel through different realms - alternate planes of existence and spaces of time – all before her life in the Earthrealm passes too far into the future.

Not wanting the help of the possessive fairy, Li, whom Saffron has shared turbulent past lives with – she is instead paired up with two immature boy fairies, Tai and Wo, who try her patience to the very limits of tolerance. As the three pass through realms they meet others who hinder and help them on their way: Orji - the handsome man with the bad bed-side manner, Deva - the cow who has the twins besotted, a monster of a prince, and the most vile dragon lady in one hundred realms.

Woohoo! Now I'm so excited to read it! Sounds like it's going to be another great story with an exotic cast of weird and wonderful characters. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I know that vile dragon lady personally. Thanks so much for stopping by, Johanna, and good luck with Fairy Thief!

Sunday 30 October 2011

Spooky Reads for Halloween

I'm not on about gore-fests or full-on horror - no. I'm talking proper old-fashioned, spooky stories with haunted houses, ghoulish ghosts and other things to make you shiver...

The Winter Ghosts
Devastated by the death of his older brother during WW1, Freddie Watson goes abroad in search of solace. Driving through the foothills of the Pyrenees, his car spins off the road in a snowstorm. Freddie takes refuge in an isolated village and there meets a captivating woman. But by daybreak, Fabrissa has disappeared and Freddie realises he holds the key to an ancient mystery that has been concealed for 700 years...

The Beaumont Bequest   When Patrick Peto destroys the last will and testament of his uncle Rex Beaumont, he has no qualms about ignoring his request to leave "all my books to Barbara". But when he illegally obtains possession of the Heartsease estate and consigns the author's stories to the flames, he awakens vengeful forces that are determined to set matters right and make sure that Barbara Dane receives what is rightfully hers.

As Patrick imposes his own vision on Rex’s old house, the author's imaginary worlds invade Patrick's reality until he can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. He becomes a prisoner at Heartsease where Rex's fictional creations put him on trial for murder. He is sentenced to death, but after a plea for mercy from one of the characters, his sentence is reduced to 90 days and 90 nights, during which time he must recreate every story he has destroyed.

The Little Stranger     One post-war summer in rural Warwickshire, Dr. Faraday is called to a patient at lonely Hundreds Hall. Home to the Ayres family for over two centuries, the Georgian house, once impressive, is now in decline. Its owners - mother, son, and daughter - are struggling to keep pace with a changing society, as well as with conflicts of their own. But are the Ayreses haunted by something more sinister than a dying way of life? Little does Dr. Faraday know how closely, and how terrifyingly, their story is about to become intimately entwined with his. 

The Woman In White  "There in the middle of the broad, bright high-road-there, as if it had that moment sprung out of the earth or dropped from the heaven-stood the figure of a solitary woman, dressed from head to foot in white garments."

And this is how young Walter Hartright first meets the mysterious woman in white. Secrets, mistaken identities, surprise revelations, amnesia, locked rooms and locked asylums, and an unorthodox villain made this mystery thriller an instant success when it first appeared in 1860, and it has continued to enthrall readers ever since.

So those are my spooky picks for Halloween.
If you have any of your own you'd like to share, feel free
to leave a comment below!

Thursday 27 October 2011

And the Winner is...

Sam Bella! 

Congratulations, Sam. You've won an ebook copy of 
STOLEN by Catherine Stovall.

Sam, Catherine's publisher, Untreed Reads, will be contacting you shortly.

Thanks to all those who entered. Do keep checking back
 as I plan to host more giveaways in the future xx

Thursday 20 October 2011

Requiem of Humanity Tour Stop & Giveaway

Today, as the leaves fall from the trees and the cold autumn rain makes me shiver, all I want to do is curl up with a cup of tea and a great vamp novel. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, you could be in luck, because today Catherine Stovall has offered to give away an ebook copy of her debut novel, Stolen (Requiem of Humanity). To be in with a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment below.

~Jenda and Soborgne are best friends and everything they do, they do together. Unfortunately, this time the girls may die together. The girls are kidnapped and held captive by Belle and Matteo, two vampires with a plan. Belle, a sociopath in life and death, is searching for an heir to her reign as the only vampire to hold the secret to surviving the sun. Matteo is a lost soul who would give anything to be loved and to see the light of day.

~As the four characters’ worlds collide, blood is spilled, lives are lost, and rules are broken. Disappointment in love and life bring out the worst in humans but with vampires, it leads to a chilling tale that will make you look under your bed before you close your eyes and then dream of falling in love with a medieval fiend.

Catherine's also been kind enough to share some of her experiences on getting published. Here's her guest post on what it means to her to be an indie author:

Stuck in the Middle with Me by Catherine Stovall

I am not one of those authors who have been writing novels for the past ten or twenty years. Stolen is the first novel I have ever written. One day, I decided to write a book and six months later Stolen was born. There I was with my completed manuscript staring back at me and a question in the space between me and it. Stolen was completed, proof read, and edited, now what?

The next logical step was to publish my brain child. This fragile and newborn thing must be sent out to the wolves on its own with just my hopes to carry it. Who would I choose to judge my heart and soul? There were only really three options. I could publish Stolen myself, I could send it off to the big print publishers and agents, or I could send it to the eBook Publishers.

I knew right away that the self-publishing industry just wasn’t for me. I admire those brave souls who put on their entrepreneur hats and storm into the world of publishing. These miraculous authors take on all the challenges and hard work of seeing their novels through the fog and into the eyes of the reader. I needed more guidance, more direction, and the help of someone who positively knew how to do what I didn’t.

Checking the submission guidelines for many of the well-known print publishers I learned quickly that this would be a daunting task. Most print publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts from writers, only those with agents. Agents do not generally accept authors who have not previously been professionally published. I found myself in a conundrum.

I began looking into ePublishing. Though someday I want to see Stolen in print, the more I learned about eBooks, I knew this was the path for me as a new author. ePublishers offered me everything I was looking for. Here were companies who welcomed unsolicited manuscripts without an agent, provided professional editing, and offered very competitive royalty rates. I loved the idea of being able to tell my future grandchildren that I was a part of the eBook revolution. When I learned that I could have a bigger say in the entire process with the ePublishers than with print publishers, I started cheerfully preparing the perfect query letter.

Sixteen letters went out. In a matter of weeks, I received several polite no thank you letters, one letter that not so politely told me not to give up my day job, and two letters saying yes. Now, from what I have heard, this is rare if not a miracle. I consider myself blessed to now be a part of the Untreed Reads team.
I have many of the same privileges, as a self-published author. In addition to these privileges, I have an extra helping hand from the publisher. Still, having Stolen published in eBook only by a small publisher is tough. Sometimes I feel I am stuck in the middle. Not being independent enough to be Indie and not big enough to be something else, I find myself in a hard place as an emerging author. It is a struggle to find outlets to promote and then I do most of than promotion myself. Yet, I am very happy where I am right now with my writing career.

As far the question of rather or not I am an Indie author goes, I really don’t know. It depends on the person’s point of view. To some, the term Indy means an author who has no affiliation with any company. To these people I am not an Indie writer. To others, Indy means an author who is Independent in their thinking. One who Never gives up. One who Drives forward and continues to learn as they grow as author and person. One who is Inventive in the way they promote their work and in their publishing endeavors. Most of all, an Indie author is a person who Experiences the process of writing, editing, and publishing with their heart, minds, and soul. I can only hope that these people define me as Indie, it would be my honor. 

You can discover more about Catherine on her website and on Facebook. Don't forget to leave a comment below if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Stolen.

Monday 3 October 2011

Become a Vampire in my Latest Novel

***This Competition is now Closed***

Ever dreamed of being a vampire?
I’m currently writing Thicker than Blood, the sequel to Hidden (Marchwood Vampire Series) and I thought it would be a bit of fun to give you the opportunity to become a character in the story. I’ll use your real name and, if you get picked, I’ll message you for more information on hair colour, character traits etc.

The novel is set in present day England and in 6th century Byzantium. You won’t be a main character, but you will play a significant role in the story and what’s more, I’m giving you the option to be a good vampire or an evil vampire bwahahahahaha!!!!

All you have to do, is follow my blog and write your name in the comments section below. Also state whether you'd like to be good or evil.

If you win:

-          The name used will be your first and last name as stated on the comments section.
-          The character using your name may not necessarily have your exact personality/looks etc.
-          You cannot substitute anyone else’s name.
-          You might get killed off!
-          Your name may be used in future publicity.
-          By entering this competition, you agree that I can use your name as a character in the Marchwood Vampire Series.

All entries must be in by midnight 30th November 2011.

I'll announce the winner on December 3rd, so don't forget to check back here to see if you're my vampire!

Good luck, bloodsuckers!

PS. Blogger is playing up a bit at the moment, so if you're having trouble commenting, make sure you uncheck the 'stay signed in' box, and it should be okay.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Someone who Inspires me

My Aunty Joyce is 91 years old and both of her children suffered from Down's Syndrome. Her son died several years ago and she recently lost her daughter, Monique. 

Joyce is an amazing woman and is currently preparing 130 pieces of art for an exhibition in aid of Research into Epilepsy. I hope I would be as strong and inspiring as her in the face of such heartbreak.

Below is an invitation to her exhibition in Paris, France from October 25th - 28th. If you're in the neighbourhood, she'd love you to pop in and say hello!

Wednesday 14 September 2011

December Moon, Virtual Book Tour

I've just finished reading Book Two in the Raven Saga. It's called December Moon and is a great fun novel with all kinds of interesting and mysterious characters who find themselves in precarious situations. Author, Suzy Turner, does a great job of keeping the pages turning right up until the end. I'm thrilled to welcome her to the blog today, with her vamp-tastic guest post:

Author, Suzy Turner. (Someone you wouldn't mind running into in a dark alley)

When I was a wee lass, my sister and I were taken to the cinema to see a kids film (I think it was Neverending Story, but I'm not entirely sure)... unfortunately, we couldn't get in to see that and our only other option was a vampire flick called The Lost Boys. We ummed and ahhed (or rather our parents did... it's not exactly suitable for kids under ten!) and decided to go for it. I'm so glad we did. It's now one of my all-time favourite vampire movies.

What is it about vampires that are so appealing? I mean, they're usually evil blood-sucking creatures who go from beautiful to grotesque in a matter of seconds? They want to drink our blood, kill us or turn us into fellow blood-suckers, don't they?

In The Lost Boys the vampires were undoubtedly the bad boys, unlike Twilight where Edward is just so totally swoon worthy and the epitome of a real gentleman. Granted, it has its fair share of the nasty variety but the Cullens are just, well, to die for, right?

In today's YA stories, many of the lead male characters are vampires. They're usually breathtakingly beautiful and falling for the female protagonist. Now there's nothing wrong with that... it makes for a fabulous story, I say. In December Moon, I have my own loved up vampires who happen to be far from evil. Carmelo and Jo are simply a lovely couple who would do anything for anybody... not your usual, run of the mill, vamps! However, there is something evil lurking beyond those pages. Something so frightening and deadly. Actually, okay, okay... it's a another vampire. The bad kind. His name is Duran (Olivier Duran, to be precise) and he's not exactly a very nice lad. He's extraordinarily good looking though so that makes it all right, doesn't it?!

If you love a great vampire story with a good variety of other paranormal elements thrown in for good measure, then give December Moon a go... I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

Thanks so much for joining me, Suzy. the Lost Boys is one of my fave films too. I bet someone will remake it one of these days.

For more information about December Moon and The Raven Saga, visit:
Suzy's website: http://suzyturner.com

Wednesday 7 September 2011

The Things A Boy Will Do To Get A Girl: Becoming Edward by Faye Meredith

Today I'm lucky enough to be joined by the fabulous Faye Meredith, author of Becoming Edward. I've read the novel and have to say I loved every second. At one point I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Cute, funny and unashamedly British, this is a story I'd love to see on TV. It's genius!

Rachel’s hooked on Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is obsessed with Rachel but he’s no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself until he meets Rachel.

Both boys fail to win her until one of them has the bright idea of becoming Edward.

Becoming Edward is a light-hearted teen fiction novel for young adults who love paranormal romance, especially Twilight and Breaking Dawn. There are no vampires in it, but there is a boy who thinks he's Edward Cullen.

The author is a huge Twilight fan and explores what happens when obsession goes too far.

What will readers like about your book?
The lengths that boys will go to attract the girl of their dreams, even if it means dressing up like a fictional character and getting it completely wrong. Hopefully, it’s funny and insightful at the same time.

What inspired you to write it?
I was in Borders (which I sorely miss now it’s gone) and I saw a group of teenage girls sitting around the Twilight section, reading the books like their lives depended on it. I think Breaking Dawn had just come out and I guess they couldn’t afford to buy the hardback. A thought popped in my head: how would they react if someone who looked like Edward Cullen walked in? That’s where I got the idea for Becoming Edward.

Originally the boy was going to be the full package and be completely unaware that he looked like Edward Cullen. But then I thought it would be far more interesting to make him change into him. More importantly, what would make him want to do that? It had to be for a girl.

Do you have any new works in the pipeline?
Yes and no. I have far too many ideas. I’ve have about 4 books planned out but I can’t decide which one to write first.

Who are your favorite authors?
Gosh, so many. Here goes, in no particular order: Anne Rice, Suzanne Collins, Nick Hornby, Ian Banks, Stephenie Meyer, Ken Follet, George Macdonald Fraser, Philip Pullman, Roald Dahl, Terry Pratchet, CS Lewis, Eoin Colfer and Shalini Boland, of course.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.
At weekends I dress up in rubber (no, not that sort of thing you dirty lot!) and go surfing. I’ve been doing it quite a few years now and have surfed in Spain, Portugal, France, the Canaries and chilly old Cornwall.

Thanks so much, Faye!

If you like the sound of Becoming Edward, here's where you can get your mitts on a copy:

Sunday 28 August 2011

How to Tame the Heart of a Hoodie

 It was the usual scenario – a bunch of hard teenagers hanging out in the park where we were playing with our young boys. We kept our distance, but I could still hear a few choice swear words.
My four-year-old had a balloon which he accidentally lost his grip on. As he watched it swirl away out of reach, up into the sky, he cried:
‘My balloon! My balloon! No!’
The group of youths all turned towards my son and his disappearing balloon.
‘Aaawww,’ they cried. ‘His balloon!’
There’s nothing quite as sad as a child who’s lost his balloon. Even the local hard kids would agree.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Free Ereaders Coming Soon!

I’ve been thinking about the publishing industry and, more specifically, about where the publishing industry is headed and what it will mean for readers and authors - the rise of ebooks, the decline of print books etc etc. And then something occurred to me. Ereaders will soon be free.

Of course they will. It’s blindingly obvious to me now. Kindles and Nooks and Kobo Readers will be given away or sold for a fraction of their current price. Surely the real revenue is in the thousands of books we download each month. If Amazon wants to sell Kindle books, it has to make sure everyone owns a Kindle.

Maybe readers will pay a monthly subscription, like a mobile phone tariff. For example: Get a free Kindle 3G for a monthly payment of $20 and receive 4 free downloads.

As authors, we might even be given the opportunity to opt in to the ‘monthly subscription programme’, where we receive a set fee each time a reader chooses our ebook as one of their monthly downloads.

At the moment, a lot of video games consoles are sold at a huge loss because the games themselves are where the money is. So it follows that the same could happen with Ereaders.

And where would this leave the author? Wouldn’t it eventually make more sense to go directly to the ereader manufacturer rather than via a traditional publisher?

So this takes me back to my initial pondering about where the publishing industry is heading. What of the traditional publisher? In the short term, print books will still be around, but if everyone owns a free ereader, why would anyone want a paperback? Aside from nostalgic and aesthetic reasons, of course.

As an author, I can buy in editing, design and formatting from freelancers, get it straight from Amazon or do it myself. Which means, one day maybe we’ll all be indie authors. Interesting times.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Author: Winslow Eliot

Bad things happen to other people. Not to us. Crista's husband says this often, right up to the day his car goes off the cliff, killing him. Then she learns he was married to someone else. She's fired from her job and evicted. She and her two children move to Tahton, the small town she fled 25 years earlier, vowing never to return. As she begins to recover from the shock of betrayal, his ‘real’ wife contacts her, looking for something valuable…that Crista doesn’t even know she has.

What will readers like about your book?
Any reader who enjoys romantic, suspenseful page turners I hope will like A Perfect Gem. My books are written for pleasure and entertainment. My greatest joy is when a reader tells me they stayed up all night reading one of my books. I write to make readers happy. I have a happiness guarantee on them – if you don’t like it - and you’ve bought it from my website – I’ll give you a 100% refund.

What inspired you to write it?
Two things came together one hot summer afternoon: First, I was driving along a quiet country road after a fabulous encounter with a wonderful man - Bernie Fallon (author of 'Goodology.') At the time he owned the Public Market in my village, and he's very much like Gareth in 'A Perfect Gem.'

Then, on my way home, I noticed a small, handmade sign by the side of the road that said "Crystals and Gems" and a funny arrow pointing up a driveway I'd never seen it before, even though I know this road by heart! Of course I pulled in. There was no one around, so I went around the side of the house to a small barn in the back and there were these two odd-looking gentlemen with a barn full of the most amazing crystals and gems you've ever seen. (This is all true, I swear.) I spent hours and hours with them, touching the stones, learning all about them, sitting in the sun as I held one, talking about their travels... That whole experience seems other-worldly. Afterward, I tried to get in touch with them, but never saw either them or that barn again.

Do you have any new works in the pipeline?
Yes – PURSUED will be published in fall 2011. Here’s the blurb: “A storm–a disaster–a theft. When Kale Trenton’s most valuable possession is stolen, investigative reporter Leigh Gardner vows to go to the ends of the earth to bring it back. She chases every lead, explores every possibility, and hunts down Kale’s rival, Peregrine, to find it. How far will Leigh go to bring it back, and will she survive?”

Who are your favorite authors?
I have so many! Daphne Du Maurier, Georgette Heyer, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. But probably the author who has had the most influence is my grandmother, Ethel Cook Eliot. She wrote wonderful children’s books (The House Above the Trees, The Wind Boy). She also wrote teenage mysteries, way before the term Young Adult was coined. She’s mystical, romantic, wise, and, best of all, a good story-teller. That’s my ideal writer.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.
I’m a belly dancer!

Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself, Winslow. I'm really looking forward to reading A Perfect Gem.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s Winslow’s website and you can find her books at Amazon and Smashwords.

Winslow Eliot's Author Bio:
My greatest pleasure is entertaining readers with tales of romance and thought-provoking posts about writing in general, and poetry, teaching, and inspiration in particular. My free online newsletter, WriteSpa – Oasis for Writers, welcomes visitors from all over the world. Besides writing novels and my WriteSpa, I teach high school English (not sure if that’s a hobby or a job, or both!).

Monday 15 August 2011

Fantasy Romance Author - Amanda Leigh Cowley

Soul Protector is a fast-paced fantasy romance. In part one of the Soul Protector series, Gracie discovers she can switch into other people's bodies.

Unaware she has a visible aura, she gets abducted by a monitor, Dan. He introduces Gracie to the world of Soul Protectors, but while she admires what they do, she isn't brave enough to embrace switching herself.

She falls for Dan, but finds he has hang-ups of his own. When Gracie does finally pluck up the courage to switch again, she uncovers a dark secret; one that shocks her to the core.

Hi Amanda! What will readers like about your book?
Soul Protector is a fantasy romance with twists and turns, so hopefully you will be hooked, but unable to predict the outcome.

What inspired you to write it?
I’ve always wanted to write a book, but when I tried in the past, I gave up after the first chapter. Then I had one of those days where everything was going wrong, and I was worried about a family member (illness – but they’re all better now). I just wanted to escape into someone else for the day and leave my worries behind – and that put the idea for Soul Protector in my head. The idea just grew and grew, and I couldn’t type fast enough…

Do you have any new works in the pipeline?
Yes. Part two in the Soul Protector series is my work in progress. I hope to have it available in digital format and paperback by the end of this year.

Who are your favourite authors?
I like Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Meade, Stephenie Meyer, Kazuo Ishiguro and Marian Keyes.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.
I have the world’s worst sense of smell. It’s shocking. I was on plane once, and when I came out of the toilet, the air hostess sprayed me with air freshener. I was a little put out to say the least – but my husband told me the gentleman who came out before me had left a really bad smell, and the air hostess ran off to get the freshener; no once could believe I’d wandered in, (oblivious), while they were all gagging.

Amanda Leigh Cowley lives in Northampton, UK, with her husband, two sons and a shaggy dog. In addition to helping her husband with the admin side of his business, ferrying the kids between football (soccer!) matches, and writing articles online, she has managed to fulfil a burning ambition to write a book. Soul Protector is her debut novel.

You can find out more by checking out Amanda's blog: http://amandaleighcowley.blogspot.com

Soul Protector is available to buy from Amazon and Smashwords

Saturday 13 August 2011

I Predict a Riot

Petrol is non-existent and there has been no food on the supermarket shelves for weeks. People are hawking produce in the streets and goods are traded as British coin is currently worthless. People want food, alcohol, tobacco and medicine. Pharmacies and hospitals have been emptied of stocks. Supplies, supposed to be on their way, just aren’t getting through to their destinations. Electricity, phones, gas and water are functioning, but only intermittently and people are hoarding bottled water.

We’re lucky to be in a small village and not a big town or city where there are riots and looting. It’s a surreal time where a person can be stabbed to death for a pack of cigarettes.

I know the London riots have been bad, but we haven’t reached this stage yet. My new novel Outside explores what could happen if things really did escalate out of control.

What are your views on the riots? Why do you think they happened and could the government have done anything to stop them sooner?

Sunday 7 August 2011

Huge Ebook Giveaway - 24 Titles - 48 Winners!

All you have to do is shoot over to one of these blogs to enter:

After The Book  



As soon as each blog reaches 100 followers, the first winners on that blog will be drawn. First winner drawn gets first pick of the ebooks on the list.

The eBooks:
  1 The Bringer - Samantha Towle Twitter
  2 Raven - Suzy Turner Twitter
  3 Hidden (Marchwood Vampire Series) - Shalini Boland Twitter
  4 Beautiful Evil – Robbi Sommers Bryant Twitter
  5 Bloodletter - Angel Haze
  6 Piercing Through the Darkness - Emerald Barnes Twitter
  8 Black Wood - Jayde Scott  9 A Job From Hell - Jayde Scott Twitter
10 Coexist (Keegan’s Chronicles) – Julia Crane Twitter
11 Legacies of Talimura (War of the Witch) - Angel Haze Twitter

12 Scorpio Rising (The Scorpio Series) - Monique Domovitch Twitter
13 Ruby and the Mix Games (Hue Series -Vol 1) - Joseph Seegitz Twitter
14 Paranormal Doorway to the Triquetra - Lenore Wolfe Twitter
15 Dark Warrior - Lenore Wolfe
Salt Bowl Death – Cypher Lx Twitter
17 Nalia and the Potion Maker (Nalia, Book 1) - Queenbe Monyei Twitter
18 Chasing Destiny - Linda Eble Swain Twitter

19 Darkest Before Dawn – Cypher Lx
20 Caged In Darkness - J.D. Stroube Twitter
21 Crossroads - Mary Ting Twitter
22 Forever Sunshine - Collette Scott Twitter
23 Outside - Shalini Boland Twitter
24 Fairy Circle - Johanna Frappier Twitter