Thursday 18 April 2013

A Free 10K Word Edit

Attention, Authors/Writers/Dabblers!
This is a heads up to let you know that next week I'm running a competition in association with Express Editing Solutions to win a Free 10,000 Word Edit for your manuscript or short story.

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Monday 15 April 2013

Greenwood Tree Cover Reveal

Today I'm proud to be one of the sites to reveal the cover for
 Greenwood Tree by B. Lloyd

And here it is in all its wondrous glory:

*sigh* *swoon* Gorgeous isn't it? And the story is just as swoonworthy...

Well, what do all mysteries have?' said Aunt Isobel. 'Money, mistresses, and murder.’

1783 – and Lichfield society is enthralled by the arrival of dashing ex-officer Orville; he charms his way into the salons, grand houses and even a great inheritance from extrovert Sir Morton. 

1927 – and detective writer Julia Warren returns to her home in Lichfield to work on her next novel. Initially she hopes to find plot material from the past and set it in the present. Aunt Isobel, while making preparations for the annual midsummer ball, has managed to root out an old journal from 1783 which might prove a source of inspiration. Once Julia starts reading her ancestor’s journal she becomes absorbed in solving the mystery surrounding officer Orville. Detective fever takes over, and she moves from reality to legend as events from the past seem set to re-enact themselves in the present, and she finds herself unravelling more than just the one mystery. Who was Orville? Who was the agent, Oddman, set to spy on him? And who is helpful Mr Grenall ? 

Pagan gods don’t walk away just because you stop looking at them. The Gronny Patch sleeps. Perhaps it dreams. Or perhaps not …

A complex, multi-layered story unlike any other, full of whimsy, horror, and mystery, shifting between the centuries and from source to source, until all the threads are finally drawn together by the imperturbable Miss Warren.


 Watch one of the mini trailers here:


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