Monday 18 February 2013

Blog Tour for THE CLEARING with Fiction Addiction

My blog tour starts today!!

I've hosted other books on their blog tours, but I've never had one of my own,
so I'm very excited to announce that my blog tour for THE CLEARING starts today.
I'd love it if you could join me over the next couple of weeks at the following virtual venues where there'll be interviews, blog posts, giveaways and reviews.
18th February 2013
19th February 2013
Victoria’s Pages of Romance - Interview & Excerpt
20th February 2013
Reading a Little Bit of Everything - Excerpt & Giveaway
21st February 2013
A Novel Review - Review
22nd February 2013
Story Addict Guest Post
25th February 2013
26th February 2013
Rhoda Baxter - Guest post
27th February 2013
Miss Bookworm Reviews Review & Giveaway
28th February 2013
Book-Marks the Spot - Review & Giveaway
1st March 3013
Thanks so much to Shaz Goodwin at Fiction Addiction Books on Tour
for her super-special ninja powers of organisation and co-ordination!