Wednesday 4 April 2012

First 5 Chapters -Try before you Buy (YA Paranormal)

Here's the next volume of First 5 Chapters available free from Smashwords

Read the first five chapters from these
YA paranormal/fantasy authors:

Hunting - S.M. Hineline
Hidden (Marchwood Vampire Series #1) - Shalini Boland
Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles #1) – Julia Crane
Progeny Of Innocence - Patti Roberts
Ties To The Blood Moon - Robin Waldrop
Fire Sprite - Lenore Wolfe

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Sunday 1 April 2012

First 5 Chapters Blog Tour - Character Interview from Crossroads by Mary Ting

I'm taking part in a great new author initiative called First 5 Chapters, where readers can sample large chunks of  novels from their favourite genres for free before they buy them.

Great idea right!

You download the volume of your chosen genre and can then decide which books you love enough to buy. The first volume features six authors who write YA Fantasy:

Carolyn Hockley - Arazi Crossing
KaSonndra Leigh – When Copper Suns Fall
Mary Ting – Crossroads
Starr West – Tomorrows Child
Lenore Wolfe – The Fallen One
Patti Roberts – Paradox – The Angels Are Here

                                                                                                                          I've been lucky enough to snag Mary Ting, author of bestselling novel, Crossroads, for an interview with one of the main characters in her book.

About Crossroads:
Claudia Emerson has a good friend who shares the same first name and last name. That friend unfortunately dies in a tragic accident during homecoming dance. Claudia is distraught at the loss of her friend, but is even more disturbed by her dreams, which seem to take her to another place called Crossroads. Unknown to her, Crossroads is like a second heaven, a place between heaven and earth. It is where the souls of humans in comas or near death experiences may wander.

There, Claudia meets Michael, a nephilim, a half angel, half human, whom she often meets in her dreams. It turns out that this isn't her first visit to Crossroads, which is an enigma for no human can ever travel there until Claudia. Now the fallen and demons are after her, suspecting she must be special and it is up to Michael and the other nephilims to protect her.

Can Michael fight his growing feelings for Claudia and protect her as a guardian angel should? The answer awaits you. Follow the exciting path to Crossroads!

Character Interview with Austin

We are so glad to be able to talk with you, Austin. Before your story began, what were your hopes for the future?
I really didn’t have any hopes for the future besides being the leader of the venators. My mother, Katherine, she is very proud. She hopes one day I will take a seat by her side as one of the Twelve.  

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is that I would disappoint my friends. When I say friends, I mean the venators. They are the only friends I have besides Andrew. You can’t really count him because I don’t get to see him that often and he doesn’t know who I really am. 

What music do you listen to most and why?
I listen to all kinds of CDs. Currently my favorite songs are Good Life from One Republic and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

What one act in your past are you most ashamed of?
I don’t know if I’m ashamed of it. I guess I shouldn’t have done it. You see… we can project our thoughts into your mind, creating a mental picture of what we want you to see. I kissed Claudia in her mind and I wanted her to know how it would feel like if she kissed me back. “Short cough” Hmmm…I think she liked it. “Wink”

If you were a regular person, what would you do with your life?
I would go through the school system, date girls, find a job and get married I suppose. 

What went through your head when you first saw Claudia? 
I could tell right of the bat she was sheltered. Very innocent and sweet. She has this natural beauty and her smile lights up the sky. Or I should say, her smile lights me up. I really can’t describe it. She was like a magnet, pulling me in. I couldn’t think of anything or anyone besides her and that was unlike me. I couldn’t think straight. Thoughts of her consumed my mind. 

Do you have any feelings in general that you are disturbed by? What are they? Why do they disturb you?
I don’t agree with everything the Twelve says or does. I’m not sure what we did to Claudia was right. My gut feeling tells me she’ll find out one day and I don’t know what she’ll do or think. We all played a part, whether we thought it was wrong or right. I guess we’ll have to find out what happens. 

What is something about you that no one else knows? 
I enjoy watching sports. My favorite color is black. I love my car. “Chuckle”

Thank you!!! Is there anything else you need?
This was fun. Thank you for having me. Would you like me to fly you around? “Wink”

That would be awesome! *winks back*

 * * *

Don't forget, you can read the first five chapters
from Crossroads and the other YA fantasy novels for free!
Just download to your ereader from here.