Friday 20 January 2012

Received in the Post

Before Christmas I got an email from a friendly chap called Paul Stapleton. He knows I like my post-apocalyptic fix and asked if I might like to review his graphic novel for my blog. The thing is, I don't really have time to write reviews at the mo, so I said I'd be happy to do a feature.

Paul sent me a copy anyway (nice!) and a couple of days later I received a thin brown packet through the post. It sat on the windowsill for a day or so as I've been too busy to look at it (Man-flu has arrived chez Casa Boland).

Finally, I got around to opening it - The Undisputed King of Nothing, Volume 1 'Goodbye to all That'. Interesting artwork. Flipped it over - intriguing blurb on the back. Yup, looking forward to reading this one asap. I think my husband's got his eye on it too.


Paul's Links:
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