Wednesday, 14 September 2011

December Moon, Virtual Book Tour

I've just finished reading Book Two in the Raven Saga. It's called December Moon and is a great fun novel with all kinds of interesting and mysterious characters who find themselves in precarious situations. Author, Suzy Turner, does a great job of keeping the pages turning right up until the end. I'm thrilled to welcome her to the blog today, with her vamp-tastic guest post:

Author, Suzy Turner. (Someone you wouldn't mind running into in a dark alley)

When I was a wee lass, my sister and I were taken to the cinema to see a kids film (I think it was Neverending Story, but I'm not entirely sure)... unfortunately, we couldn't get in to see that and our only other option was a vampire flick called The Lost Boys. We ummed and ahhed (or rather our parents did... it's not exactly suitable for kids under ten!) and decided to go for it. I'm so glad we did. It's now one of my all-time favourite vampire movies.

What is it about vampires that are so appealing? I mean, they're usually evil blood-sucking creatures who go from beautiful to grotesque in a matter of seconds? They want to drink our blood, kill us or turn us into fellow blood-suckers, don't they?

In The Lost Boys the vampires were undoubtedly the bad boys, unlike Twilight where Edward is just so totally swoon worthy and the epitome of a real gentleman. Granted, it has its fair share of the nasty variety but the Cullens are just, well, to die for, right?

In today's YA stories, many of the lead male characters are vampires. They're usually breathtakingly beautiful and falling for the female protagonist. Now there's nothing wrong with that... it makes for a fabulous story, I say. In December Moon, I have my own loved up vampires who happen to be far from evil. Carmelo and Jo are simply a lovely couple who would do anything for anybody... not your usual, run of the mill, vamps! However, there is something evil lurking beyond those pages. Something so frightening and deadly. Actually, okay, okay... it's a another vampire. The bad kind. His name is Duran (Olivier Duran, to be precise) and he's not exactly a very nice lad. He's extraordinarily good looking though so that makes it all right, doesn't it?!

If you love a great vampire story with a good variety of other paranormal elements thrown in for good measure, then give December Moon a go... I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

Thanks so much for joining me, Suzy. the Lost Boys is one of my fave films too. I bet someone will remake it one of these days.

For more information about December Moon and The Raven Saga, visit:
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  1. Yep, Suze makes a vampire to die for, lol.
    My wife and I love The Lost Boys as well; it's one of "Our" films, (from when we were dating, lol)
    I prefer the vampires in Salem's Lot, personally, but the music from The Lost Boys, at that time, was soooo cooooooool. ^^
    Top interview ladies, thanks very much.

  2. Great interview - but I can't put this on my TBR list... because it's already on there! Can't wait to read it.

  3. *HI FIVES Reg above* Salem's Lot is the FIRST vampire movie that I fell in love with too! I tell everyone that I loved Vampires when they still had fangs (hence the screen name Fangedmom)!

    I also tell people that say "they are burned out on vampires" that they were NEVER true vampire fans! *20+ years of being a vamp fan gives me the license for that*

    I love Suzy Turner. She knows it too so I am not some weird stalker *grins* The world that Suzy has created it INCREDIBLE! It is so easy to get lost in completely. Raven and December Moon kept me turning the pages very quickly! LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!

    Great review and I love your pic above Suzy! You made a WICKED Vamp!!

  4. You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you so much!!
    I'm very embarrassed to say I've never seen Salem's Lot... can you believe that?! I guess I need to track down a DVD copy.
    The Lost Boys music is to die for... I have the Aiden's Cry Little Sister on itunes and jut LOVE it!!
    Shalini... you're such a star for having me on your fab blog... thank you!! XXX

  5. It's always a pleasure, Suzy! I haven't seen Salem's Lot either. It's a pity you all don't live closer - we could have a vamp flick night :)