Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shattered Worlds is On Tour!!

If you love dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, then join us over the next 
few days to get your fix. You'll find exclusive excerpts from the novels, 
guest posts from the authors, and there’s also an opportunity to enter the Shattered Worlds giveaway to win 12 novels and a $60 Amazon gift card.

Check out the tour dates below!
26th February
Playing Jokers
Mythical Books
Read More, Sleep Less
Jess Time To Read
Donnie Darko Girl
Vanilla Moon Blog
Old Victorian Quill
Happy Indulgence Books
Sarit Yahalomi
Trina’s Tantalising Titbits
Mom with a Kindle
Primorose Musings
Becca Anne’s Book Reviews
Aria Kane
Booky Thoughts and Me
Share My Destiny
Day Dream Books
Simplistic Reviews
A Touch of Book Madness
A Dream Within a Dream
To Dream with Eyes Open
Wonderful Monster Book
Reviewing in Chaos
We Do Write
Girls with Book
Rude Mom
Living in a Book World
Marked by Books
Gin’s Book Notes

27th February
Two Ends of the Open
Purple Shadow Hunter
Books Direct
I Love Books
Sassy Book Lovers
The Book Bag
The Bookish Confections
Fantastical World of Wonders

28th February
Why I can’t Stop Reading
Shayna Varadeaux
Books by Kay
Contagious Reads
Creating Serenity
Bawakas Book Fair
Crazy Beautiful Reviews
Literary Me
Wanted Readers
Pieces of Whimsy
Naughty Book Eden

1st March
Bibliophile Mystery
Vanya Drum
Yearning Mermaid
My Book Addiction
Reviews by Jasmine
Magic Inside Pages
Book Liaison
Cada Libro Un Mundo
Ebook Escapes
Literary Winner
Rockin’ and Reviewing
Sun Mountain Reviews
Mismatched Bookends
Books to Breathe

2nd March
Once Upon a YA book
Buried Under Books
Michael Scifan
Book Lover’s Life
Live a Thousand Lives
All Things in the Cloud Sweet
The Cover Contessa
Scandalous Bookblog

3rd March
Thoughts at One in the Morning
Addicted Readers
A Book Addict’s Bookshelves
So Many Books, So Little Time
Deal Sharing Aunt
NaYa Books and More

Thanks a bazillion to all the amazing bloggers who signed up for the Shattered Worlds tour. We're blown away by how many of you have offered to host it.

If you'd like to get your hands on a copy of all six featured novels, Shattered Worlds is on sale for just 99c / 77p !! 

Barnes and Noble


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