Monday, 3 February 2014

Win 6 Bestselling Dystopian Novels plus an Amazon Giftcard

See below to win all these incredible ebooks, 
plus an Amazon gift card!

Bestselling tales of survival against the odds,
dark worlds, dystopian regimes and heroic rebels.

Shattered Worlds features six full-length novels from bestselling authors. 
Immerse yourself in post-apocalyptic civilizations and bleak near-futures
where hope still lives.
1. Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle from 
 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle Casey 

2. Outside (Outside series, Book 1) by Shalini Boland

3. The Torturer's Daughter by Zoe Cannon 

4. Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer 

5. The Blemished by Sarah Dalton

6. The Breeders by Katie French

   For your chance to win all six novels, plus the sequels and a $60 Amazon Gift Card, enter the Rafflecopter below:


  1. OOOOOhhhhhh what a great prize :DDD

    1. Good luck, Claire! It IS pretty drool-worthy :D

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