Thursday, 5 July 2012

Are Ereaders Teaching Us to Read Again?

Kaitlyn from contacted me with some interesting statistics.  She's part of the design and research team and they created a graphic illustrating how ereaders have taught us to start reading again.

I'm a British author/reader and the following statistics relate mainly to Americans but I found it really interesting nonetheless. Maybe you will too:

Teaching to Read Again
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  1. Not only are these fantastic statistics for writers to know, but that's also a kick-ass infographic! Well done, Kaitlyn and other folks at Thanks, Shalini, for sharing. :)

  2. Hey Denise, thanks for your comments. I'm thinking maybe I should get my son an ereader...

  3. That's interesting, Shalini, because I just read an article that made me a paranoid ebook reader. Ebooks are wonderful innovations, but ereaders allow for third parties to track our reading preferences.

    Still, I believe strongly in the power of the digital word, which is why I've almost completely rebuilt my library with ebooks. It's not that I don't appreciate a good paperback (I still read them), but there is a monumental gain in being able to "search" a book for passages rather than page through it and underline. As a researching tool, my ipad's book library is invaluable.

  4. Louis, I haven't fully explored all the ereader functions yet. I just use my Kindle to read, but I can imagine, from a research point of view, how it would save a lot of hassle. (As long as the technology behaves itself)

  5. Today I read only from E-books. It is a little bit slower but cheaper. You can find more at this blog