Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vampires In The Cotswolds

I just did my very first book signing for Hidden (Marchwood Vampire Series)! It took place in Gloucestershire (the setting for most of the book) at That New Shop, a gorgeous little gift boutique that sells all sorts of beautiful things.  

Owners, Amara and Sue, put a great sign in the window 'Vampires In The Cotswolds' and set me up with a chair and table right in the centre of the shop.

I was nervous before we started, but everyone was so lovely and friendly that I ended up having a great time. Special thanks to Paulette and Tracie for chat, coffees and that deliciously decadent cupcake!

We sold out halfway through the morning and had to take orders, so apologies to those people who didn't get a copy straightaway. But there's another box of books winging its way to the shop as I type. It should be there next week.

I hope to do plenty more book signings in the future. My aim is to arrange them at all the locations in the novel. So next stop Paris, then Cappadocia...


  1. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful.

  2. Wahay! Brilliant! That sounds magnifique - onwards and upwards! So, Paris next ... hmmm, . . . in the Eiffel Tower ? Or a boutique in Versailles . . shall be looking forward to hearing about that!