Sunday, 28 August 2011

How to Tame the Heart of a Hoodie

 It was the usual scenario – a bunch of hard teenagers hanging out in the park where we were playing with our young boys. We kept our distance, but I could still hear a few choice swear words.
My four-year-old had a balloon which he accidentally lost his grip on. As he watched it swirl away out of reach, up into the sky, he cried:
‘My balloon! My balloon! No!’
The group of youths all turned towards my son and his disappearing balloon.
‘Aaawww,’ they cried. ‘His balloon!’
There’s nothing quite as sad as a child who’s lost his balloon. Even the local hard kids would agree.


  1. Bless! They're not all bad, are they?

  2. Yeah, but I bet they'd hate it if you called them that to their face...

  3. I'm too much of a wuss to test out that particular theory.

  4. Hi, ok this is random but I need to ask. Will 'Outside' ever be released as an actual book, not just for e-readers? It sounds so good but I only buy physical books, I hate e-books and I just refuse to buy it.

  5. Hi Lindsay, I like those sort of random questions :) Yes, the print version will be released in September. I'll keep you posted on my website and here: xx