Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hidden Makes The Headlines!

This week I've been featured in The Dursley Gazette! Now that might not mean a lot to most of you, but it's SO exciting for me. It's the local paper where I grew up and I used to read it every week and scan for stories about anyone I knew - stories like 'Vandals Destroy Rugby Posts' and 'John Smith Wins Fruit Basket at The Dursley Carnival'

Well, now it's MY turn...

Gazette Series

Dursley author to make it big with cult vampire novel

By Claire Marshall                        
A FORMER Rednock student is on her way to making it big as an author with what looks set to become a cult hit vampire book.

Shalini Boland could be hot in the heels of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, judging by the success of her new vampire novel, Hidden.

The book is selling well in the UK, but it is in the US where it is really taking off and the reason could be ...  Read more

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