Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Selling Ebooks for the Nook from Barnes & Noble

Yesterday I discovered that my young adult novel, Hidden(Marchwood Vampire Series), was in the Barnes & Noble Nook Top 100 list. And not just in the top 100, but it’s reached the vertiginous heights of number 27!
How did it happen? And what does it mean?

I published to B&N via Smashwords, which is great, but unfortunately it means I have to wait until next month to find out what this chart position represents in terms of sales – NO-O-O-O-O!!! How can I wait that long? My mind is on overdrive wondering how many people have bought my book.

Nearly all my previous sales have been through Amazon. In fact, in June I only sold 6 copies of Hidden via B&N and it was ranked in the thousands. So how has it managed to leap from that, to number 27? I’ve been featured on a few blogs and had some great reviews, but apart from that … I’m stumped.

I’m not complaining, just curious and itching to find out how many I’ve sold. Anybody care to take a wild guess???


  1. I bought Hidden a few days ago on my Nook b/c it showed up in the Steals and Deals category and sounded interesting. I am LOVING IT!!! Sad there isn't a sequel to read after I'm done! :)

  2. Hey Tabatha, Thank you so much :) I'm frantically scribbling the sequel at the moment - Thicker Than Blood. It should be out later this year.

    It's interesting that the Steals and Deals is where you found it. Thanks for letting me know! xx

  3. Yay!! Can't wait to read Thicker Thank Blood! Will keep an eye out for it! I am really ejoying your style of writing. It's very cohesive and flows so well, very soothing and relaxing.

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