Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Guest Blog by Tore Sinding Bekkeval, NORWAY SURVIVOR - Linked from Hannah Warren's Blog

My thoughts are with the survivors of this truly awful event. I can't begin to imagine what they must have gone through and are yet to endure.

Norway survivor, Tore Sinding Bekkeval, has written a guest post for Hannah Warren's blog:

"I wrote a Norwegian post explaining my experience at Utøya. I had taken this blog for dead, and had entirely forgotten that it was syndicated on Planet Debian. I don’t want to let Google Translate make this disaster any worse than it is – the translation of “bullets” into “balls” being particularly bad – so the international attention the massacre has garnered in consideration, I am writing an English translation of my experiences. I feel somehow duty-bound to make people aware of what happened, but I don’t want to get into anything else but a sober description of the events and some very brief reflections. There are many details I have chosen to omit.

"Others have written their experiences of the events at Utøya. I wanted to write mine down as well, and “get it out there”. Partly, I want to write this down because I’m unsure if I will remember all the details at a later point in time, although I think I’d prefer it if I couldn’t. I’m also writing this because people are asking about my experiences and it’s much better to have an URL to give them, lest I have to keep going through the same spiel over and over again ..."

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  1. Great post Shalini! Very inspirational and motivational. Thanks for sharing!